Friday, February 25, 2005

Waking moments

My waking moments decide for me weather or not I will have a good day or not, if for instance, when I wake-up and cannot move anything more than my eyelids without great pain, this will more than likely be an unproductive day. This is how I wake-up most days throughout the winter months, like my body has gone prematurely into rigormortice!!

On the other hand, I am extremely grateful for those days when I wake-up and can move everything, go and put the kettle on and have a wash and start my day without having to question why my body has to be riddled with pain, especially when I try and be a 'nice' person and not bother anyone like so many seemingly NORMAL people tend to do!

I spend so much time in search of natural(ish) ways to get away from this daily regime of waking-up, forcing movement, popping all the pills, maybe staying awake, waiting for the pills to kick in and then starting my day! By the time all of this has taken place, it can be midday, no wonder I don't work for an employer anymore!!

I guess I'll have to keep searchin'.

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